Origin of Karma + My tri training + MS KarmaStriders.



It all started in the summer of 2003.

Having always been athletic and competitive, I realized that I had started to let everyday life get the better of my body,

mind and balance. I made a promise to run 100 miles to get back in shape for my sisters wedding in October. I had never been a runner, and was getting over knee surgery so this was actually far from a gimme.

With no real plan, I started to muscle my way counting down from 100 to 0. 1 mile, rest, 3 miles, rest, 2 miles,,,etc, etc, etc; whatever it took to get there. Almost immediately, however, I found my body and mind, very appreciative of the attention and actually, craving and wondering what the next day would bring.
Naturally, I found myself thinking twice before eating any junk, or even after a certain hour at night. I mean, I am putting in the work, and besides, I was usually much less hungry and aware of it...

Mission accomplished; got 100 in on time, and feelin' fine. Felt great at the wedding and was happy to be there for Ali.

However, my 'self', was now used to the attention and wanted it. But what to run for.
A friend suggested the broad street run in May 2004. WHAT ? No way, I could never run 10 miles at once, could I? Well that was all it took, wrote it down and armed with no real plan, just high hopes and a grateful body, self-training for the worlds fastest 10-miler.

I was not easy, but it was not as hard as expected. After hearing this, a friend GC suggested that I try The Phila distance run she said that it was only three more miles and a few months away. OK I'll do it. She gave me a running plan that she had recently used. Armed with a little more confidence from Broad Street, and a continuingly grateful body and mind, I set off once again into my personal ‘No man’s land’.

Again, it was not all that bad. I reported this to the aforementioned GC, to which she replied; why don't you try a triathlon. I just completed Iron man lake placid,,, WHAT ?,! Alas, the secret was out. I had been following the suggestions of an insane iron man (woman) all along. But again, déjà vu, I’ll give it a shot.

It has been 5 seasons now and I have come to realize over and over again. That while nurturing my life by eating properly, getting regular exercise, and practicing RAK, good things happen.

I find myself Healthier, happier, more grateful, quicker to help others, optimistic, more energetic, outdoors in beautiful surroundings, and on and on and on, and its karma. Lo and behold, I have made my world a better place from inside out. WOW ! Everybody needs to have this option.

Eat right, simply
-Takes care of your cells building blocks.
Exercise regularly
-Takes care of your muscular and skeletal structure.
Practice RAK, and be grateful
-Takes care of your mind and people in your immediate surroundings.

Make your world a better place, from inside out.

Living proof:

(watch me)

(IMLP 09' finish) 


Never ever ever give up.


Then there came the KarmaStriders:


It all happened in early 2007.   I entered the lottery for the New York marathon.

Well, I'm here to tell you,, be careful what you ask for,  I was selected and there was no turning back.   While sharing my excitement, I started receiving unsolicited offers for sponsorship from all types of ppl in my everyday life.  Reminding me of  how ppl respond to kindness and positivity.

Extra credit goes to one couple in particular,  Joy and Dan Hartzhorn, It was their unsolicited generosity and sincerity that sparked the Karma Striders.  As Multiple Sclerosis has touched my family in a big way, all sponsorship contributions were then, and have since, been written to the National MS Society and the KarmaStriders were born.

JOIN US:           Join the MS KarmaStriders + Run to STOP,,,,FINISH,,, MS.

SUPPORT US:  Donate to Paul Goldstones current campaign to STOP MS.


Paul N. Goldstone



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