5 years ago after catching the running bug that so many new runners hear about, I hit a bit of a crossroads with my new found hobby. Whereas I had hit a few running / endurance goals, I had quite a few more in mind but seemed to be at an all around plateau. Physical, mental, spiritual,,,,,
Well. what to do ? Do I just accept the level that I had achieved - 1 Ten-miler, a few 5k's and a half marathon, or do I look for further inspiration ? I still had bigger plans for my new found lifestyle,,, or did it have bigger plans for me ?

I must admit that I do not recall who recommended Chi Running to me, but if I ever do, I owe them a big one. I picked it up at a local Barnes and Nobel for a quick peruse and after reading the intro, knew that this little gem would at least buy me some time to find find new inspiration.

Little did I know that, not only would it provide this inspiration, it would totally open my mind to a less is more approach to running and my potential. With a double thumbs up, I recommend Chi Running to EVERYBODY. Runners and athletes of any level, anyone who just appreciates a zen-like approach to life in general as much of it's message will be carried and applied throughout everyday life..

See for yourself:


Paul N. Goldstone
'I run to stop MS'

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Comment by Brian Zobel on January 19, 2010 at 1:14pm
Nice, I keep hearing alot about it....have to check it out this season.

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