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IM Louisville 2013 you say ? Hmmmmmm.

Given the goal to be first into the water, my husband and youngest daughter dropped me off at the swim entrance (Tumbleweeds) at 4:39 am.  I sat in line (yes there was already a line) until the race started.  Some of the people near me also attended the IAMTRI…


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Baggo Tourney To Stop MS Wrap up.

 There's something warm + fuzzy about an Autumn, backyard party w/ good ppl, crisp autumn air, a keg of Birch beer, or something like that,.

For sure was having flashbacks of PSU + tailgaiting.

Thanks + great job Ms KarmaStrider Rachel Spoonhower. for bringing together a fun bunch for a baggo tournament fund raiser to help Stop MS.

Thanks to the many members of the Bryn Mawr running club + all otghers.  An event is really only as good as the guests who are there.  There…


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All part of the process. IMLP 11'.

(I promise to keep the cliche's to a minimum, we've all heard and lived them all.)

(as there are so many ppl who sent good vibes, before during and after, I'll not dare try to name all. You know who you are and ty.)


   They say, 'better DFL than DNF.'   Well I can now say that, having been fortunate enough to have experienced both at IMLP,  that there is, hard earned,  great juice to be gotten from both.   It always seems to go to the mental pendulum of which I so…


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Vermont,,,, consider yourself Strode to STOP MS.


THIS JUST IN.  MS KarmaStrider Thomas Hicks does it again... Just WOW.

(added by Thomas Hicks.)

Just wanted to share

This last weekend June18th-19th I was on Ultra Relay team of 6 runners that competed in a 200 mile relay from the top of Vermont to the bottom.  We finished in 23 hours and 40 minutes.  My 6 legs totaled 33 miles and average pace 7:08.  My team, which is from virgina…


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Placid to Placid KarmaStriders; Come ironing w/ me to stop MS.




This ongoing Blog will be a thorough account of one man's entire 30 week experience from training start to finish line at IMLP 2011; all to stop MS

Know that the reason for this project is purely to share, and possibly have, some positive impact on anyone who chooses to follow. The past 7 years of endurance sports has initiated an irreversible positive influence on my life, outlook, and desire to share and make our world a better place. If even a few ppl…


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Run the bridge quickie

Sunday 11-7-2010

Mother nature was smiling as 4000 runners took over the Ben Franklin Bridge yesterday.

The Run the Bridge 10K was, once again, a worthy event. A little brisk at first but ultimately a beautiful day for that final tune up before the Philly marathon. Highlighted by a spectacular view while crossing the Ben both ways.

Great job all those MS KarmaStridin' first time 10k-ers, sounds like you've got the bug and are… Continue

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Origin of Karma + My tri training + MS KarmaStriders.



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IM Lake Placid 09'. Piece-o-Cake.16:59:59.86 Paul Goldstone

I'm No Tracey Frairy, or Laura Payott, but I'll give a race report the old IM try.

It was the strangest thing Auntie em'.

(I reserve the right, in my current, still slightly altered state, to mix and match fairy tales and classics.) Roll with it.

I was in this far away beautiful place with alot of rollong UP-hills, nutty ppl biking and running, and even more nuttier little ppl in orange and blue tee's. (at first i…


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