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IM Louisville 2013 you say ? Hmmmmmm.

Given the goal to be first into the water, my husband and youngest daughter dropped me off at the swim entrance (Tumbleweeds) at 4:39 am.  I sat in line (yes there was already a line) until the race started.  Some of the people near me also attended the IAMTRI…


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I STILL run to STOP MS. FWD this post to all.


In the news. I run to stop MS.  Click.…


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Karma by Pistacio Grille

Karma / Pistachio Grille Catering flier.

Click link below to see PDF.

Click me,   Print me.  Use me.   Share me.  …


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Karma weekly essentials for 4 - 13 - 2015.


Hello Karma-nation,…


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Philly marathon 11', MS KarmaStriders. How was yours ?


Well Mother nature could not have dialed up a better day for the thousands of runners and spectators today at the Phila marathon. All that I can say is that today provided a thorough cross section  Including; Tent confusion as the good people at the marathon FORGOT to provide us w/ our tent.  Special thanks to the dairy foundation for stepping up and helping the NMSS and the MS team for staying the course.…


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All part of the process. IMLP 11'.

(I promise to keep the cliche's to a minimum, we've all heard and lived them all.)

(as there are so many ppl who sent good vibes, before during and after, I'll not dare try to name all. You know who you are and ty.)


   They say, 'better DFL than DNF.'   Well I can now say that, having been fortunate enough to have experienced both at IMLP,  that there is, hard earned,  great juice to be gotten from both.   It always seems to go to the mental pendulum of which I so…


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Endurolyte knowledge, right from the source. A reply to a runner.

Dear J,

   Thank you for contacting Hammer Nutrition.

   A more detailed usage suggestion we like to give is to take 1 capsule per 50 pounds of bodyweight per hour as a starting point.  You can certainly increase this amount if necessary.  Proper electrolyte supplementation becomes more important the longer the duration of your run so in a 24 hour event you'll probably notice the need for Endurolytes more than on a 4 hour run and you may find you need a few more than you…


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Sweet savings. MS KarmaStriders + Members of MyTriTraining $$$


1) High-Tech eye wear

(world wide)…


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Vermont,,,, consider yourself Strode to STOP MS.


THIS JUST IN.  MS KarmaStrider Thomas Hicks does it again... Just WOW.

(added by Thomas Hicks.)

Just wanted to share

This last weekend June18th-19th I was on Ultra Relay team of 6 runners that competed in a 200 mile relay from the top of Vermont to the bottom.  We finished in 23 hours and 40 minutes.  My 6 legs totaled 33 miles and average pace 7:08.  My team, which is from virgina…


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Eagleman 2011 To STOP MS

Over the past 8 seasons of this silly little hobby called triathlon, one of the intriguing consistencies has been Eagleman.

Always heard stories about eagleman but it  just never seemed to fit my season sched or really intrigue me enough. I think I might have been intimidated by the swim,, namely the…


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Here comes the sun: Be ready for the heat.


Just a quick note to all to use common sense and be ready for the heat.  Here are a few reminders that will help allow you to train through the hot hot hot summer.

By all means, DO continue to train.  Remember that training in adverse conditions for sure makes us better rounded and prepared for the great unknown of what mother nature will dole out on any given race day. But use common sense: it's free and almost always right.




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You ain't trainin', unless it's rainin'. Mental pendulum.


I must admit that the LONG stuff  has been a bit more challenging this time around.  Legs a bit…


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BSR How was yours ?

Mother nature dialed up a postcard for all 2011 BSR-ers.

After getting shut out of reg, I had accepted that america's fastest ten-miler would not be added to my race resume.

As luck would have it a bib fell into my lap and all of the sudden, it was time to work the BSR into my training sched as a HR zone run for the seasons 'A' race.

Picture perfect weather and no problem parking @ FDR park. Shuttle to the subway and right on up to Girls high without a hitch.  A few deep…


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Tri_Youth_Alon Super Sprint Tri-Du

Great job to all involved w/ the Try_youth_alon inaugural Pennypack Park Super sprint. Mother nature held off just long enough to get it in, but still Brrrrrr.

All racers who braved the chilly elements earned yourself some good 'racing' karma.  Well done.

Proud to be involved and is excited for what the future holds re: fighting Childhood obesity.    Reg is open for 3 more TYA 2011 races.   Great ppl, Great prices + great youth and intro events. Grass rootsy,, reminds me of what I…


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KarmaStrider, off to San Juan Half-Iron


Just a quick note of Good Luck to the one and only local legend Vinnie Mancini,

AKA Spiderman.  Off to Puerto Rico today for the San Juan Half Iron. The man is OUT OF HIS MIND.

Kill it Vinnie.


RESULT:  5:49:++

WOW !!



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The Athletes Plate. Recommended read.

  I recently made the acquaintance of ironman and author Adam Kelinson at the Philadelphia Endurance Sports Expo.After neighboring all weekend and the occasional neighborly visit, we had a chance to sit and talk one on one as the show was winding down.  Lo and behold, it turns out that Karma endurance food…


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Is Gluten Making Us Fat?


Very informative article re: Gluten.

Shared by Amy Marguloies R.D.



click above link

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Placid to Placid KarmaStriders; Come ironing w/ me to stop MS.




This ongoing Blog will be a thorough account of one man's entire 30 week experience from training start to finish line at IMLP 2011; all to stop MS

Know that the reason for this project is purely to share, and possibly have, some positive impact on anyone who chooses to follow. The past 7 years of endurance sports has initiated an irreversible positive influence on my life, outlook, and desire to share and make our world a better place. If even a few ppl…


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A quick reminder on perspective from Remissionman.

Justa quick read from a local fellow endurance enthusiast.

Good for the soul.

and thank you again all volunteers. :)


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