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Philadelphia marathon 2013. How was yours ?

Well our 7th Philly marathon is now under our race-belt.

Click here. Donate = Feel great.…


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Eagleman 2011 To STOP MS

Over the past 8 seasons of this silly little hobby called triathlon, one of the intriguing consistencies has been Eagleman.

Always heard stories about eagleman but it  just never seemed to fit my season sched or really intrigue me enough. I think I might have been intimidated by the swim,, namely the…


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Placid to Placid KarmaStriders; Come ironing w/ me to stop MS.




This ongoing Blog will be a thorough account of one man's entire 30 week experience from training start to finish line at IMLP 2011; all to stop MS

Know that the reason for this project is purely to share, and possibly have, some positive impact on anyone who chooses to follow. The past 7 years of endurance sports has initiated an irreversible positive influence on my life, outlook, and desire to share and make our world a better place. If even a few ppl…


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KarmaStriders in the news.

Great job all involved in the 09' season.
Click below

Happy holidays.
'I run to stop MS'

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IM Lake Placid 09'. Piece-o-Cake.16:59:59.86 Paul Goldstone

I'm No Tracey Frairy, or Laura Payott, but I'll give a race report the old IM try.

It was the strangest thing Auntie em'.

(I reserve the right, in my current, still slightly altered state, to mix and match fairy tales and classics.) Roll with it.

I was in this far away beautiful place with alot of rollong UP-hills, nutty ppl biking and running, and even more nuttier little ppl in orange and blue tee's. (at first i…


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