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Thank you for the effort. Made my day.

Well here's a little something worth sharing. True tale from the life of Paul.

Yesterday I had a reminder that there are still people out here willing to go over and above to do the right thing.

In my haste yesterday, rushing a bit and hands full of coolers, briefcase and other odds and ends, I somehow drove off having placed an important item on the ground next to my car. 30 mins later…


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I guess I'm a runner again

at least I'm trying to be

"You have successfully registered for:
Fireside Frostbite 5-Miler
On Saturday, February 21, 2015 at Wissahickon High School Houston Road and Dager Road, 9:00am."

it's a great little race to keep me motivated over the winter. give me a shout if you're going.

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The View From the End

“What do you need?”

I asked it hundreds of times on Sunday as the finishers came, either in waves or in trickles, across the finish line at the Eagleman 70.3 on Maryland’s beautiful eastern shore.

I had raced it the year before and have ridden the bike course several times in cycling events so I knew full well how…


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Ironman Los Cabos Race Report. My First Ironman

YOU…are an Ironman.  Chills still run through my body hearing those words in my mind and thinking back to that day and final moment.  Life changing words….really, they are. Swim 2.4 miles. Bike 112 miles and run a marathon 26.2 miles. It’s much more than the world’s most challenging endurance race.  If there’s one…


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I RUN- Finish MS Charity Partners with GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon. VERY COOL.

Good morning everyone!

 We are excited to announce  Finish MS and the National MS Society will officially be partnering with the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon.  While we have had the opportunity to host our team tent in the past, we will now be offering complementary registrations to Finish MS team members.

 In order to take part in this…


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Due to pure demand, we are placing a quick supplemental  gear order.



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GOAL HIT. Well done. 2013 I Run to STOP MS-ers.


One small win. Many more to come.

Great job to all participants and supporters of the 2013 I RUN to STOP MS campaign.

We've hit our goal of $25K with over a week to spare.

Great job everyone,,, enjoy knowing that…


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IMFLA Race Report - Six Weeks Late!

Ironman II:  Rise of the Civil Servant


I returned to the beautiful Gulf shores in Panama City Beach, Fla., last month to face down the Demons of Puke that forced me to a far-too-early DNF in 2012. As usual, arriving at the athlete’s village evoked the familiar feelings of doubt and insecurity I feel whenever I’m around triathletes of the Ironman caliber:  I’m too old.…


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Philadelphia marathon 2013. How was yours ?

Well our 7th Philly marathon is now under our race-belt.

Click here. Donate = Feel great.…


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Ironman Florida 2013 Race Report

Ironman Florida 2013

Race Report

Another season in the books.  I have ended 2010 & 2012 with two great performance (for me) at Ironman Florida & Ironman Wisconsin.   I was expecting that 2013 would be more of the same.

During the year I…


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Our tent is YOUR tent. Sincerely. I run to STOP MS Warming tent 2013.


Our I Run to STOP MS welcome mat is out for any and all .

No matter how many events we've all attended, race-day brings a major dose of chaos. 
Having a pre-determined hub minimizes the stress.

For the past few years, the tent has been in the area of tents designated for charitable organizations, along the south-side of the parkway near the start…


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Training into the fall. Better safe than sorry.

Here are just a few quick reminders  as the days get a bit shorter and the temp get a bit cooler.

Training into the Fall towards our marathon season races.

Remember that common sense is :

- Free.

- Usually right.

- When running in the dark, be it early morning or eve,

   - Try to run with a partner.

   - Let others know where and when you'll be running.

   - Wear reflective gear. Drivers are…


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Training TIP: Improvise, adapt, overcome. Dealing with missed workouts.

Training tip.
Dealing with missed workouts.
- Pressing forward with a clear head.
When training for your own personal long, be it any distance,
we usually follow a training schedule.
Often, part of the reality, not factored in is that 'life happens' and there will be obstacles.
- Job schedule changes.
- Family…

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rumor mil: a new iron distance race is coming to south jersey

they got vigo from eagleman/Columbia/chesapeakeman and delmo sport doing it. so i'm pretty stoked

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IM Louisville 2013 you say ? Hmmmmmm.

Given the goal to be first into the water, my husband and youngest daughter dropped me off at the swim entrance (Tumbleweeds) at 4:39 am.  I sat in line (yes there was already a line) until the race started.  Some of the people near me also attended the IAMTRI…


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Ironman 70.3 (ish) Syracuse 2013

Leading up to the race


I trained hard.  I tapered easy. Want more?  Friend me in Garmin Connect

Thursday & Friday

Packing & Travel

Packing went smoothly.  I didn’t forget anything!  Traveling up to Syracuse was fun.  Marc and I looked for other triathletes driving up, and saw a few.  We ate lunch at Quiznos and then headed right for Jamesville Beach Park, where all the activity was…


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Race Report

Spring Dash

Sana Monica, CA 

I have been pretty lazy about my running since the move to LA last April (my last race was the April Fools Half Marathon, with Ron by my side in April, 2012.) It wasn't really lack of time, just lack of motivation. I signed up for a half marathon in October and chickened out after not training very much at all. But I decided that this year I would get back into the swing of things and again,…

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It's been a while since I have been on here. Years actually.   But after yesterday's horrible events at the Boston Marathon, I had to share an amazing blog post that I had read written from one of my girl friends from high school.

“I run because it’s symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can’t. But then you realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.” -Arthur Blank

Every runner…


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Give a few moments.

Just a suggestion to give a few moments of thought to all of those touched by the cowardly bombing yesterday at the Boston marathon.

It's sad times like his that remind us here at mytri,I run to stop MS and Karma to be a little extra grateful for, and determined to utilize the freedom that we have to pursue  our positive passions.

Best thoughts and support go out to not only those who experienced the horror at the Boston marathon, but also our entire endurance…


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